6 Week Relationship Challenge
Week 1: The Formula for Love

For many of the couples I work with, this isn’t their first therapy rodeo. Which can easily mean they’re already fighting with the gloves off or have started wondering if it’s just time to throw in the towel. Hope has started to dwindle.

“We’ve tried this before, why would this be any different?” is the question posed to me. My response is this….

There isn’t a magic pill. I’m not your magic pill. There isn’t a single therapist or single thing I can say that will *poof* your relationship back to the way it used to be. You’re stuck. It suckssssss and you want answers. So you come to therapy looking for some. But I promise you this, if you’re looking for a therapist to save your marriage, you’d be better off sighting Sasquatch.

But don’t let this snuff out that last flicker of hope. Let it be your wakeup call. Let is stir up this primal yearning from within that wants so dearly to let go of the anger, hurt and setbacks. The part of you that longs to charge forward toward reflection, change and growth. And THAT, my friends, is what I can offer. We’re talking about a personal journey toward finding yourself that will be the solid approach and platform that can serve as a foundation for growth and success within your relationship.

Let’s recap. While I said I’m not giving you any answers, if you scratch just below the surface you will see a formula starting to take shape. It looks something like this.

Cultivating Self-Awareness

+ Understanding the Importance of My Needs

+ Embracing My Emotions

+ Communicating With My Partner


= Emotional Intelligent, Loving, Committed Individual


It is only THEN that we can begin look further into a relationship, which looks a little like this:

Emotional Intelligent, Loving, Committed Individual

+ Emotional Intelligent, Loving, Committed Individual


= One Highly Satisfying Relationship!

So whether you’re single and ready to mingle or currently committed in a relationship, you’ll see that the journey begins with you. And while it’s tempting to point a finger and claim, “You just don’t make me happy anymore,” maybe you can start to identify what you can do to begin finding some of that within yourself.

Stacy Griffin, MEd, LPC-S