6 Week Relationship Challenge
Introduction: Awful places to seek relationship advice

As a relationship therapist, I have been helping couples to sift through loads of bad relationship advice for a long time. I work to unpack the relationship myths that are passed down from generation to generation for no other reason that we’ve heard our parents say it. Or we heard it on TV. Or “it worked for my coworker.” I’m calling this well-intentioned advice out. Once and for all. So we can stop hurting each other, and start new ways of building strong relationships that create that leave room for our imperfections and quirks. Because, we’ve ALL gottem!

The reason we struggle to oh-so-successfully implement that well intended advice our bestie gave us over cocktails last week is because IT’S BAD ADVICE! It’s awful, it’s outdated, and it just doesn’t work.

“Women are such nags, give her some space, she’ll get over it.”

“Never go to bed angry!”

“Just ignore her.”

“Forget it. Guys will be guys.”

“Take her to dinner Friday, then she’ll let you catch the game Saturday.”

“Put on your heels and show him what he’s missing.”

But you try anyway. Because it’s all you have right now. It’s worth a shot, right?

I welcome you to try something new. Something that takes guts, and courage. Maybe even a bit of blood, sweat and tears. Hear me out. It’ll be worth it I promise.

Over the next six weeks, I’m going to walk you through some of the most common relationship myths and misconceptions that I hear in couples therapy. And shed light on the antiquated advice and suggestions that don’t really touch the heart of the issue and instead serve as a “quick fix.” We take this advice only to leave more disappointed, compromised and hurt than when we started. By breaking down the bigger dynamics, we’re going to dig to the root of the issue.

Relationships are painful and hard. They’re exhausting and effortful. But they’re also full of bliss, and warmth, and can feel like the greatest drug on earth. Love.

So join us, as we sort through what dead weight your relationship can stand to lose and can grown in our Relationship Tune-up! And stop listening to that bad advice already!

Stacy Griffin, MEd, LPC-S

Relationship Advice by Stacy Griffin