Welcome to Griffin Therapy Center where our practice is designed to enhance your healing and growth. Our specialized counselors are experienced in working with Couples and Individuals across the lifespan including Children and Teens. At Griffin Therapy Center we are caring, creative, open-minded do-gooders who are passionate about helping.

In order to ensure you have the best therapeutic fit, we only book evaluations and classes online. Click below to see our upcoming availability.

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Anger Management


Holistic Well-being
Preventative Care
Mind/Body Connection


Substance Abuse
Immigration Evaluations
Hardships Waivers
Cancellation Waivers

We want you to feel welcome and at home from the moment you walk in the door. We work hard to find you the right therapeutic fit so you can comfortably and confidentially address what brought you in, and leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and refocused.

Our clinicians pursue the most up-to-date research and training around to bring you cutting edge couples and individual therapy. We are skilled in many areas that bring balance back from chaos, and reinforce long-term change.

If you’re tired of feeling at odds with one another or like you’re living with a stranger, our couples therapy will breathe new life back into your relationship. Stop hoping and longing for that old spark to come back and let us help you charge after it. We know how to shake up your old habits and give you a personalized roadmap to reclaim your long-lasting, passionate relationship once again.

Counseling is for folks who are courageously facing their fears, who want more from life, who want to expand and achieve personal goals. If you are struggling to find your purpose and desire, we can shed an unbiased light on your aspirations. With therapy, you can learn to work through obstacles and stop living under the shadow of anxiety, depression and anger. Counseling is a means to address your pain, grieve your losses, and add meaning to your life.

We have connected with Denton County Parole and Probation to provide the Substance Abuse Evaluation as well as the Psychological Evaluation. The reduced cost is established by Denton County and will be the same for all agencies, so call us today. We offer a speedy turnaround to get the report to your probation officer within 2-3 business days.

Immigration Evaluations are a core component of your Hardship or Cancellation Waiver, so our approach includes working closely with attorneys and their clients to provide a thorough and efficient evaluation process. We travel anywhere in Texas to you to ensure you get the evaluation representation needed for your case.

Our unique and exclusive Couples Retreat nudges you out of your comfort zone for a weekend focused on honing your communication skills and building conflict management techniques. Tailored to address your needs as a couple, we take our time to create a recipe of relationship connection. All relationships have issues, and we’re well-versed in the major relationship struggles and ways to heal from the pain they cause. We address everything from dying romance and passion, to affairs and renewing intimacy. We dive into conflict and chaos, to reclaiming your mutual life goals so your marriage can last a lifetime.

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