My calling is to support the unearthing of your most authentic self while encouraging you to laugh, grow, challenge and explore who you really are with abandon. My top priority is to build a safe, accepting therapeutic relationship to find peace within the self and others.

I am a caring, creative, open-minded do-gooder who is passionate about giving you full permission to embrace and love who you are.

Stacy Griffin, LPC-Supervisor

My Areas of Focus


Marriage Counseling
Relationship Repair
Premarital Prep
Divorce Navigation


Trauma – EMDR
Managing Depression
and Anxiety
Cultivating Resiliency


Connection to Breath
Preventative Care
Connection to Mind + Body
Grounding Exercises

Opt Outside

Nature Therapy
Wilderness Retreats
Walk and Talk Therapy
Inner Child Parenting
Inner Critic Repurposing

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