Stacy Griffin, LPC-S

Specializing in Immigration Evaluations

Hardship & Cancellation Waivers Anywhere in Texas

Hardship and Cancellation Waivers compose the psychological component of your legal immigration case. The evaluation consists of an in-person clinical interview, followed by the completion of related psychological assessments. Results from the interview and assessments are integrated into the report, which is drafted and confidentially sent to you and your attorney for review. Once approved, the final report is mailed to you and the attorney handling your case.

I am well-versed in professional writing for a legal audience, and am happy to provide a writing sample. I also understand the time sensitive nature of immigration waivers, and manage my workload appropriately to ensure an efficient report turnaround.

Understanding that appropriate access can be problematic, I will travel anywhere in Texas to you to ensure you get the evaluation representation needed for your case.

Why do I need this evaluation?

The general purpose of this psychological evaluation is to provide the immigration court with documentation about the mental health conditions or diagnoses, and to describe how potential deportation or relocation of the family would impact the US Citizen and their family.

Are you an Immigration Attorney?

My passion for the immigrant population leads to ongoing and collaborative relationships with immigration attorneys and firms. The majority of my referrals come from attorneys and I am eager to create and build new networks for this population. My license to practice includes the entire state of Texas, and I often travel to provide remote and much needed access to evaluations. If your law firm would like more information, please contact us below.

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